Bispecific antibodies

Smarter, more effective antibody medicines

We are able to deploy our technologies fully in developing bispecific antibodies, innovative biologics able to bind multiple drug targets that hold a promise of being more effective therapeutic compounds than conventional, monospecific antibodies.

Bispecific antibodies can recognise targets on two different cells, bringing them together such as recruiting immune effector cells to the target cell, so enhancing its destruction. They can also bind two different targets on the same cell, providing enhanced specificity or bridging missing components.

Our technologies provide four key advantages:

  • a huge biological diversity of naturally matured antibodies;
  • our ability to screen the repertoire deeply;
  • our system of in vivo affinity maturation to develop molecules with very high affinity;
  • our novel IntelliSelect™ technology deeply mines the human antibody diversity within Kymouse™ to discover the most potent medicines.

Using our IntelliSelect™ technology, we are able to identify the dominance of the heavy or light chain binding the first antigen. We can fix this component in the Kymouse™, immunise with the second antigen and identify natural bispecific pairs to bring together in normal format antibodies.

We are currently exploring high-value bispecific antibodies for immuno-oncology, blood disease and other indications.

Our Kymouse™ platform can deliver the finest novel therapeutic antibodies

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