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How our partnerships work

Work with our researchers and technologies

We are in a uniquely fertile time for genetic discovery and we are alert to new drug targets and how we can apply genetic knowledge in development of new treatments.

We discover and develop our drugs both independently and in collaboration with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic partners. In all our partner collaborations we apply our proprietary technologies, including IntelliSelect™, to discover, develop and commercialise monoclonal antibodies to difficult and novel drug targets in our therapeutic areas of immuno-oncology, haematology, inflammation and infectious disease.

Strategic partnerships

We have mature partnerships to develop products that serve patients with high unmet medical needs. Our partners access our team of proven drug-discovery and development scientists employing our suite of proprietary technologies including:

  • our unique antibody discovery and development platforms that rapidly generate candidate-quality monoclonal antibodies with the desired affinity, potency, epitope, mechanism of action, species cross-reactivity and biophysical properties;
  • our B-cell screening platform that deeply mines our antibody production platforms and isolates candidate-quality molecules;
  • our efficient systems to add or remove genes or sequences to pursue challenging drug targets.

Genetic Variation and Precision Medicine partnership opportunities

We have a developing interest in the therapeutic application of genomics as it relates to antibody discovery.

We have filed and been granted a number of patents in the USA that relate to targeting antibodies and antibody fragments to rare human variants (allelic variation) in human gene targets of interest to treat unmet medical conditions such as cancer, hypercholesterolemia, pain, ophthalmology and rheumatoid arthritis.

We are willing to enter into licensing or collaborative discussions on any member of the Kymab genomics patent family.

We are passionate to pursue new collaborations and partnerships that maximise value and impact on patients' lives.

To find out more, please contact: partnering@kymab.com

We discover and develop antibody therapeutics to build a strong portfolio of assets

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