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We’re located in Cambridge – the heart of European biotechnology

The place to be – Cambridge

A vibrant city, an intellectual powerhouse, a research melting pot, a parkland campus: our environment is rich and rewarding

Babraham Research Campus

We share the Babraham Research Campus with over 60 companies - as well as the Babraham Institute. The Campus is served by frequent buses to and from Cambridge city centre.
The Kymab offices and labs are found in the Bennet and Eddeva buildings on the campus, and the Bennet building is also home to one of the two restaurants on the campus.

I am really proud to be part of Kymab because the whole company is dedicated to supporting the discovery and development of novel medicines aimed at making a positive impact on patients’ lives

One of the most rewarding experiences for me has been the opportunity to coach and mentor team members, helping them develop to apply new skills and further their careers.

Rahul, Group Leader

I have had a lot of opportunities to develop and grow my career

What excites me about coming into work every morning? The opportunity to make a difference to patients, of course.

Mel, VP Project Management

Kymab is a dynamic, interesting and friendly

Being part of a core team, I find it very rewarding to be helpful to many colleagues working on different projects.

Bea, Sr Research Associate

I have been given a number of exciting opportunities to learn and develop

Kymab is very inclusive, and I have always been made to feel that I am making a valuable contribution to the company and its success, which is why I look forward to coming to work each day.

Kate, Executive Assistant

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