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Kymouse™ data at antibody engineering conference

Kymab to report Kymouse HK™ human antibody discovery data at the IBC Antibody Engineering Conference in San Diego, CA.

Kymab's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Allan Bradley, will present experimental data that demonstrate the performance of its Kymouse HK™ human antibody transgenic mouse. The invited presentation will be made at the IBC Antibody Engineering Conference in San Diego, California on Wednesday 5 December at 5:15pm local time.

Kymouse™ is a drug discovery platform designed to generate high quality, fully human, therapeutic antibodies with minimal requirement for subsequent antibody engineering. The Kymouse HK™ strain has been used to rapidly generate a series of highly potent, functional antibodies against several validated drug targets.

"We have been able to identify exceptionally high affinity, neutralising human antibodies for several drug target classes using few mice and simple immunisation protocols," said Dr Bradley. "The properties of these early lead antibodies indicate that there should be little need for further optimisation to deliver viable drug candidates. Our rapid progress highlights the significant benefits that Kymouse HK™ offers to drug discovery teams."

"Our business is now focussed on using the Kymouse human antibody platform to generate high quality drug candidates to build our product pipeline," added Andrew Sandham, Chief Executive Officer. "The data being presented this week confirms that Kymouse HK™ is fully functional and can rapidly generate high potency, high affinity antibodies against a range of drug targets."

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