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Kymouse HL human antibody at PEGS 2013

Allan Bradley describes how Kymouse HL™ human antibody system improves discovery of highly selective, potent, human antibody drug candidates.

Kymab, a monoclonal antibody biopharmaceutical company, announced today that Dr Allan Bradley, Chief Scientific Officer of Kymab, will present data from the new Kymouse HL™ transgenic human antibody mouse.

The presentation will describe how use of the new Kymouse HL strain in combination with the existing Kymouse HK™ strain can improve antibody drug discovery by generating highly selective, potent, human antibody drug candidates. The invited presentation will be made at the Biologics Partnering Forum at PEGS 2013 in Boston, USA on Monday 29th of April at 10:45am local time.

Kymouse™ is a series of transgenic human antibody mouse strains designed to generate high quality, fully human, therapeutic antibodies with minimal requirement for subsequent antibody engineering. The Kymouse HL™ strain produces antibodies with human heavy and lambda light chains whereas Kymouse HK™ generates antibodies with human heavy and kappa light chains.

By using both strains in combination, the diversity of the human antibody pool available for screening will be significantly increased.

"The addition of the Kymouse H™L strain to the Kymouse™ platform allows us to generate antibody panels with a full representation of kappa and lambda light chains," said Dr Allan Bradley, Chief Scientific Officer of Kymab. "We have demonstrated that both Kymouse™ HK and HL strains have a normal immune response and produce high antibody titres of all isotypes following immunisation. The divergent biophysical properties of the lambda and kappa light chains are expected to enable discovery of antibodies with different epitope coverage in the two strains."

"Building out Kymouse with the addition of the Kymouse HL™ strain offers significant additional benefits to drug discovery teams,” added Andrew Sandham, Chief Executive Officer. "Lambda light chains can be important in a therapeutic setting, with certain FDA approved therapeutic antibodies containing lambda rather than kappa light chains. Kymouse™ HK and HL strains provide an efficient way for researchers to generate diverse populations of both kappa and lambda light chain antibodies to maximise the probability of finding the best drug candidate for each target."

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