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Novel drug concepts for blood diseases

Haematology large

We are developing novel drug concepts in anaemia of chronic disease and other blood diseases.

We are investing in and developing discovery programmes in haematology. The first of our discovery programmes is designed to develop new treatments for Anaemia of Chronic Disease (ACD). After iron-deficiency, ACD is the most common form of anaemia, presenting in chronic illnesses, infections, cancer and inflammatory disorders.

Our discovery pipeline and our first preclinical development project are focused on novel first-in-class antibody therapeutics targeting the homeostatic control of iron uptake and storage in ACD thereby restoring patients' haematological parameters to normal, healthy levels.

In addition to ACD we are exploiting our technologies to target other haematological indications, including haemophilias, where patients who develop resistance to current treatments require novel solutions.

We have recruited advisors with expertise in anaemia of chronic disease, spanning disease biology to clinical practice, to ensure our programmes are guided by the best expert scientific and medical guidance in this therapeutic area.

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