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PD-L1/IL-2 immunocytokine

Preclinical development

KY1043 Image

KY1043 is a human monoclonal antibody that provides targeted immune checkpoint inhibition coupled with dose-dependent anti-tumour activity by combining our proprietary PD-L1 blocking antibody and a reduced potency, or attenuated, version of the cytokine IL-2 in a single immunocytokine. KY1043 is designed to block immunosuppressive ‘‘checkpoint’’ signals, to allow the immune system to recognize and kill tumours while also localizing IL-2 delivery to the tumour cells’ surface. These combined activities should increase immune cell recruitment and expansion and anti-tumour activity in the tumour microenvironment. Both anti-PD-L1 and IL-2 are approved cancer immunotherapies, however we believe that we can improve the safety profile of IL-2 and limit or avoid the serious adverse events associated with its systemic delivery by attenuating its potency and localizing it directly to tumours.

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