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Other Kymab Programmes

Early Pipeline


Preclinical development

KY1049 is an innovative bispecific antibody engineered to act as a Factor VIII mimetic, targeting Haemophilia A. This molecular concept is based on binding Factor IXa and X in a way that assembles an active enzyme complex, eliciting catalytic activation of Factor X, to Factor Xa, and rapidly releasing it to activate the clotting cascade independent of Factor VIII.


Preclinical development

KY1051 is an antibody that binds CXCR4, a chemokine receptor that plays a key role in modulating the immune system and the tumour microenvironment. KY1051 neutralizes the binding of CXCR4 to its ligand CXCL12, which we believe will allow treatment in combination with immune- checkpoint therapies in a wide range of malignancies.

Early programmes

We have more than 15 additional monoclonal antibodies which are going through early screening for future preclinical development. We are initially focusing our discovery and development efforts on four therapeutic areas: autoimmune and inflammatory disease, immuno-oncology, haematology and infectious disease.

We discover and develop antibody therapeutics to build a strong portfolio of assets

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