Novel drug concepts for blood diseases

Haematology large

Our efforts in haematology are currently focussed on non-malignant blood disorders including forms of anaemia. 

Our approach is to identify functional and developable lead molecules and quickly proceed to verified animal disease models to study the direct impact of our drug candidates with clinically relevant read outs. We build our know-how by working on common pathways that are frequently used in this area, often with varying tissue specificity or multiple functionality depending on the disease and the tissue distribution. Our antibody-based drug molecules can provide exquisite specificity for those targets even in situations where the sequence homology between mouse and human is high and where multiple related ligands exist that promote different biological effects.

The most advanced discovery program is KY1070, a bispecific antibody molecule designed to offer a new treatment for haemophilia patients. In addition to our resident medical and discovery expertise and our dedicated discovery and biology team, we have assembled a group of world- leading expert advisors in these areas spanning animal models, disease biology and clinical practice. Within Kymab, we benefit from our in-house excellence in generating gene knock out and knock in mouse models of disease, as well as target gene knock out strains of IntelliSelect® for antibody discovery. 

Sanofi and Kymab have joined forces to bring new medicines to patients.

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