Bispecific antibodies

Smarter, more effective antibody medicines

We are leveraging our IntelliSelect® platforms to develop bispecific antibodies, which can simultaneously bind to two cells or molecules. Targets may be located on two different cells or maybe two different molecules and a bispecific antibody brings those cells or molecules together. Bispecific antibodies can also bind two different targets on the same cell or bind two different soluble proteins, providing enhanced specificity or novel biological activity.

Bispecific Antibodies Updated Image

We believe that the characteristics of our platforms offer several advantages for the development of bispecific antibodies. Our bispecific antibodies are immunoglobulin G, or IgG, antibodies, with a common light chain and different heavy chains. To generate these antibodies, we conduct parallel immunizations with two antigens and then engineer a bespoke version of the transgenic platform to generate a diverse set of heavy chains. Functional screening identifies heavy chain pairs with balanced affinities for their targets and support robust purification of the bispecific antibodies for manufacturing purposes.

Our unique platforms can deliver the finest novel therapeutic antibodies

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