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Deep mining of Kymab's antibody repertoire

Our Kymab antibody technology capitalises on the natural processes of the mouse immune system to evolve optimal antibody properties such as high affinities and peak expression, with diversity from the entire human repertoire. Our IntelliSelect™ system captures all that variety and enables us to analyse a vast array of resulting antibodies.

In IntelliSelect™, we capture all relevant antibody sequences from single B-cells, understand their evolutionary relationships and convert them into expression vectors to generate recombinant antibodies for high-throughput assays. Because we capture and can analyse the sequence network, we are able to access additional unique antibodies through synthesis. Once a lead has been identified, we can deeply mine the repertoire to discover related antibodies with unique and potent therapeutic properties.

The tools and options within our antibody platforms further broaden access to all epitopes on drug targets. Ultimately, more choice means better product candidates.

Our unique platforms can deliver the finest novel therapeutic antibodies

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